Social Media Marketing is a relatively new concept. The internet is fast becoming inundated with social media websites and a growing number of the population has either one or mulitple social media profiles.

Social Media Marketing ShropshireIf you have a business that you want to market, then social media sites can be a great platform to use. Often the costs associated with this form of marketing are relatively low as many of the sites do not charge or only charge a small fee to have an account on there.

If you are looking for someone to assist or advise you on your social media marketing strategy in Shropshire or through the UK then Pure and Simple Web Design are here to help. Your business may perform better on certain social media sites than others depending on the industry, what you want to communicate and how often you are able to communicate.

Social media websites can be great to follow and communicate with your clients (new and existing), partners/suppliers or even just to keep in touch with developments within your industry. Also it can have a positive impact on your search engine rankings, if used correctly.

Social Media for businesses

LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses wishing to advertise their products or service to other businesses, where as Facebook is often better for engaging the consumer (such as a hairdresser wishing to advertise a promotional offer to its clients).

There are a number of techniques we use to build up your profile and therefore audience on a multitude of social media websites and we can discuss these with you in detail prior to commencing any work.

We believe all companies should have some sort of social media presences and our packages can be tailor made to suit your specific budget and industry.

Want to know more about how social media can grow your business? Drop us an email or give us a call.