Google Adwords (also known as Pay per Click advertising) is a paid for service provided by Google allowing you to purchase links on the search engine results pages and other affiliate sites. When a search is performed on Google, you will often see a list of results – some known as organic and some known as ad listings. The organic results are ranked by Google based on the search engine optimisation (along with other factors), where as the paid for listings are shown based on ads created through the Google Adwords program. When a paid for ad is clicked, the visitor will be taken to a page within your website. The website owner will be charged for this click (cost varies depending on a few factors) but a daily budget can easily be set in order to ensure costs do not spiral.

Google Adwords ShropshireThe beauty of Adwords is that it is pretty much instant, so you can get great results and coverage for a particular product / service or geographical location. If you are launching a new product or have a special offer for a limited time, then this is ideal as you will not have to wait for the Google Spiders to index the new content on your website.

Within the Google Adwords program you can set up campaigns and then groups within these. There are multiple settings for each campaign and group that allows you full control over your ad in terms of the location it is shown, the time it is shown and even on what devices etc. For example you may want to advertise SEO in Shropshire and therefore only show it to a limited radius on the map or only during office hours.

It can work extremely well if set up correctly, but setting up a campaign without really knowing what you should be doing can be a costly learning curve and often puts many people off.

Pay per Click company in Shropshire

Pure and Simple Web Design have years of experience in setting up, managing and reporting on Google Adword’s and Pay per Click accounts and have achieved some phenomenal results. For example, we recently had a client who was spending over £4000 a month on Adwords and we managed to half their monthly spend whilst doubling the number of click-through’s to their website.

If you are looking for a Pay per Click company or Google Adwords specialist in Shropshire or anywhere in the UK, then please contact us to discuss your options.